This is the gift I gave myself. The experience that felt like a conversation with myself. God talks to you in different ways and most times the answers we’re seeking is found in ourselves. All we need to do is, listen. And I tried doing that.

So this year, with all the growth I’m looking forward to on the personal front, I am quite excited to share with you all, my fans and well wishers, the things that are going to be showcased on the work front! As always, my pursuit for good roles that challenge the mind and body shall never cease. And I hope to present to you the best work I can give. Always. That’s a promise. 😊

I also pray this year we all genuinely work towards becoming better human beings and love one another a bit more!

Thank you for your constant love and support. Lots of love to my fans and well wishers across all industries 😊

Nivetha Thomas

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