Good hair day v/s bad hair day 😂

Honestly speaking there is nothing like “a bad hair day “ darling.😄

When ppl tell me
“wow! Your hair is beautiful”,
“damn, is that your original hair”,
“I love your hair“,
“ahhh! I wish I had curly hair like yours “, with a sigh 😌 I get reminded about this teenage girl who felt very insecure and got severely bullied for frizzy curly hair … Every morning she would go to her mom, asking her to do the tightest braid ever coz she was always scared of her classmates stuffing paper balls , pen tops, candy wraps , chalk pieces and sometimes even dry grass .🙂
She would never leave her hair open just to avoid names like haystack, honeycomb,jungle and so many more 🙂

She hated her hair coz she thought straight hair was pretty. No,actually the society made her believe that straight,silky hair was “perfect “. They constantly gave her tips and suggestions how to get it straight 😊

Then, one day she was called for an audition,an audition for a movie. Her level of anxiety was 100 not because she was unconfident in her talent ,but because of her “ imperfect “ hair 🙃🙂…

Cut to 7 years later , now she is known for hair “long,beautiful, luscious,curly hair” (atleast that’s what they call it )😊.

The story of “that girl in Premam with the curly hair”😊😊😊

Looking back I wish I met more ppl who appreciated me for “what I am “. It just took one @alphonseputharen to change my life … And my perspective about something that was a part of me , something I hated the most in my life … the first time I ever thought my hair was beautiful was when I saw myself in Premam ♥️ can’t thank you enough alphonsetta 😊♥️

This is not just about hair , this is about how society and beauty standards can affect a person’s self confidence… As it is said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, it’s just the perspective.

Self love and self acceptance are two things i strongly believe in. So you do you …Trust me that’s the key to success ♥️♾
Love you all


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